Selling Instrumentals

Selling instrumentals/beats on Beats.GG is designed to be super user friendly. First keep in mind we’re in a Beta Phase right now and we will be updating constantly.

First, sign up. Then head over to the Sell page and submit your vendor application to our team so we can filter producers during this Beta Phase.

<picture of the application page>

Once we’ve approved your application you will get an E-Mail letting you know.

<picture of the approval email>

Simply head over to producer dashboard and select store settings.

Go and set your name, description, and add your social media.

<show a picture of setting the name, desc, and then social media>

Once you’ve done that, head over to add product.

Select Downloadable, fill out the name, price, category, tags, short description, and the long description.

Upload your MP3/WAV. (maximum file size is 100mb)

Add a product image (if you don’t have one, ask someone in our community).

Publish the product. It will automatically show up live on Beat.GG.

<show images doing said tasks>

add the work flow for the variable product